Living As A Transgender


“Just My Point of View”

Updated on October 21, 2016


I have lived my life standing up for the right's of others, even when I was just a child in a grown up world, but then I did not know what my life was all about. Sure like most kids I though I had a path and I was following my dreams. All I needed was to finish high school with my same level of grades and do and be what society wanted me to do and be, then and only then all that would have come to pass. Because I was now turning 15 and did not want to go to school and look like I had just left some red neck barber shop with no hair left on my head like in the Marines, I was told that I had become hard to handle and was being sent back to my real Dad, ( A man whom I had only met once in my life and I did not know him at all, much less as a father figure). This is the place they though would help me straiten my life out. Well because I had to pay rent and buy food for the household, I could not return to high school, I had to work on his plantation, like the rest of the black's, so I was in the same shoes the salves had walked in, because that is all they were to him. I loss all my dreams and my hopes of ever getting out of this mess I had fallen into. And it all got started with me standing up for a young black girls rights, they could not have removed me from their foster care because of that, so they use the hair cut to do so, saying that I was becoming out of check, not what they wanted. I was suppose to hate the blacks and use them as they were meant to be used, like slaves. Sorry I didn't get that part because I work right on the side of them everyday, they had become my friends and some even as close to me as family, how could I hate someone like that? Anyway moving on, one does have chose in ones life, all the BS about you don't have a choice is just that”BS”.

I could have just as easily dressed as a male and never walked out into the public's eye, keeping it just to the club scene, but that was not how I am. I though that the LGBT community needed help from all of us to spread the word about what we were, Hell all they want and need is how much money can I send them every month, that is all they care about. Unless the story can make the news, it's not important to them and that's a true fact. Everyday I can see where someone else in the trans community has been murder yet the community is not saying or doing anything about it. Well moving on...


So, all and all I guest there was a reason for me being here all along.


Just My Point of View”.

Miss Bobbie Jean


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