Living As A Transgender


To a special friend,just like "YOU"

Updated on February 15, 2017



To a special friend,just like "YOU"




I am thinking about you,

And all the things you do.

Sometimes, just what you say,

Is sure to make my day.


Since I met you,

You have made me shine in whatever I do.

You have become part of me,

Because of you, I am not alone, you see.


I give to you of myself,

With a friend like you I don't need anyone else.

That's why I try all the time to shine,

Because you are a friend of mine..


Didn't get but about an hour or so sleep, trying to deal with this pain, but it is still the same. My nurse and Doc. came by yesterday and said the lack of oxygen to parts of my body is causing then not to function and hurt. They are giving me all the pain meds I need, even adding more to help me deal with it. It's ok though, could be worst. I could just be getting older and I ain't much on that. Even though I may be starting to look like an old lady, I am still just a young "CHICK"


Love you guys..

Miss Bobbie




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