Living As A Transgender



Updated on January 16, 2015


Even in the worst of times,

 There is someone's time worst then mine.


All I have to do is look around,

 There is someone always feeling down.


 If you think that things are bad,

 Don't just sit there and feel so sad.


Try hard to look up to the sky,

 You'll find someone with a tear in their eye.



You are never really alone,

 Because you are never really on your own.


There is a force that is with you,

 It watches over everything you do.


This force is called faith,

 It is something that leads the way.


You'll find it in your heart,

It will be with you till you part.


Always try to be strong,

Because life on this earth is never to long.


Soon you will sit next to God,

Then you'll understand why.


Written by Bobbie Jean,
Yes I have a dream....


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