Living As A Transgender



Updated on January 16, 2015


When I smell the flowers I think of you,

You are part of my life because of what you do.


When I am lonely,

You show me that I am not alone.


 When I am sad,

You give me a reason to be glad.


When I need a friend ,

You are there till the end.


When I am having a bad time,

That is when you really shine.


 It is times like this,

That I have really missed.


You have been true to me,

I will want to be in heaven with Thee.



 What I write is for my friends and fans. These are thoughts that come from my head. I feed I need to write because if I don't I too would feel alone. It is my friends and fans that keep me moving on...Kisses to you all



Written by Bobbie Jean, 


 I am Bobbie Jean. 

With a dream.

 Everything I do is sponsored by LivingTransgender.


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