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An Angel

Updated on January 17, 2015

A Breeze blowing in the night,

Waves raising up so high.
Long deep breaths of air,
Slowing moving you there.

The breeze is full of your loving touch,
The one that I have needed oh so much.
The feelings I get when you are near,
This is why I so love you my dear.

As the night falls, come take my hand,
Yes walk with me, over this land.
And walk with me by my side,
For your face I shall never hide.

You are my ever lasting love,
You are my breath of life from above.
Because you have touched my heart so,
With a love you'll never know.

I now know that slow moving breeze, is just an Angel
very close to my heart.

Inspired by you my God, because you are different then anyone else.


Written by Bobbie Jean,
Yes I have a dream.....


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